Jan. 9th, 2008

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We are not making the money we ought to be at the new job. It's actually doing worse than NYNY right now. Because no one bothered to tell us that this was the "soft" opening, and basically no one knows we exist. The Grand Opening is the 17th, and pray for me, people, that the tips shoot up. I know it may take a year to really get to where they should be, but I can't live on what they are now. And even though I have faith that they will climb, I am stressed.

I wrote 16 pages in like, 4 or 5 days. Wheeeee!

I'm a bit stuck now though. :(

Rayna, a friend from NYNY is at Palazzo with me now, though I thought she was gonna be working the Venetian. I was pleased to find I was wrong. Only to learn that she is mad at me and apparently no longer speaks to me. When I asked her, she said I had been competitive lately. WTF? My only thought is that I may have tried too hard to make conversation, cause all through training it felt like she was ignoring me. So I think she wanted to cut me anyway and this is her excuse. I apologised to her a week ago, telling her I certainly never meant to sound competitive, but she was ungracious about it and she won't even say hi to me now. I can only shrug and realise there's not much more I can do, but it still hurts. This is the girl that took me in when I left Gabriel and had no where to go . . .

I bought a new lipstick shade, just for the name. It's bronzier than I'd normally wear and less pink, but not bad. And I get a kick every time I think of the name.

I bought art from Marta! Exciting!

I've never seen more oddly shaped and/or large noses as I do amongst the swing shift dealers I now work with. Seriously.

I think that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.


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