Apr. 2nd, 2008

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So now that my good deed is done (or almost done: Money will be wired tomorrow) I'm back to blah. Not that I ever left. Not really. Certain people lifted my spirits as long as they were around to "talk" but once they/I/we logged off, I always crashed again.

At work, we have a pedestrian bridge that goes from the second floor of our parking garage over to a less busy area so that we can safely cross the street. From there, we can see the southeast corner of the Venetian parking garage (for the guests). Today, as I crossed the bridge, guys were cleaning up a bunch of plastic sheeting from the street right at the base of the V's garage. Employees who were going the other way were talking amongst themselves that that's where some lady had jumped earlier this afternoon.

Reactions at work ranged from sympathy to horror to morbid curiosity to who cares.

My reaction?

Well, my very first thought was: I hope she's happier now than she was here. Or at least more at peace.

And then I wondered: Did she change her mind on the way down? It takes, what? 3 seconds? 4? 10? I have no idea. But it would suck if you found yourself thinking, Oh shit, maybe I didn't really want to after all. Too late now.

That would really suck.

I feel bad for her family and friends. I do. But I still hope she's ok now. For some, it really is just an end to the turmoil.


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