Apr. 12th, 2008

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So I went and cleaned out my car from the tow yard. It was in even worse shape than I realised. Widshield was cracked, one headight was completely off, and the front was smooshed in and down.

RIP Cavalier.

But I also test drove two cars today: The Ford Focus and the Kia Rio5.

The Focus I chose because of the supposed mpg and the Sync system. It handled well, but I wasn't impressed with the interior. Especially as I HAVE to get leather seats if I want ABS. Now to me, ABS is a safety issue, and shouldn't require a 2000 dollar cow-killing "luxary" upgrade. Also, leather seats in Vegas? Do you WANT to burn your legs in the summer? The back seat wasn't roomy at all, and the trunk was small but high. The Sync is cool, and it had a good stereo, but . . . Over 19000 dollars, and that's with a discount my brother-in-law gets for working for FedEx.

The Kia Rio5 was a pleasant surprise. It handled very well, was nicely roomy, and the interior didn't look incredibly cheap, which so many cars do these days. The air was on full blast and it accelerated very well to get on the freeway. Plus, it's a hatchback that has a little trunk like cover you can take on and off. So if you have something to hide in your trunk, you can. When you look in, it looks like a regular sedan shelf.

Plus it come in ORANGE! Big selling point for me, as I'm sure you're all aware.

The price isn't too bad either. 16500 for the better model.

I'm sold.

I mean, it's orange.


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