Jun. 1st, 2008

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Today was a good day.

Plans have been made and I'm getting a visitor.

I watched PS I Love You, which I've been wanting to see since before it was in the theaters. The book so sucked, but I knew the movie would be way better and it was. And I got a lovely surprise about seven minutes in. I barely even realised it, because I'm so used to hearing the song, that it took me a minute. But "Everything We Had" by The Academy Is. . . was in the movie! I got way too excited over that. And that it's on the soundtrack.

Other than that . . . Work was work, and even though I killed almost everyone who played with me, the night went by quickly and I had a lot of nice people on my game.

The Utah show was good, and the boys put on a great performance. The band that played after Verbatym took a break in the set to tell people about Dave's passing and that the entire show was dedicated to him. And then he said that their (Jovan and Nik's) mom was in the crowd, and how great she is and such a wonderful person, and everyone cheered for her and she cried. But it was a good, sweet/sad sort of cry.

And now I go to bed, because I've been operating on four hours of sleep the past few days. Go me.

I can't wait for June 10th!


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