Oct. 14th, 2008

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This is what happens to me when I have two days of socializing, no matter how awesome it is: I turtle up, as my one friend calls it. I don't really talk to anyone about anything for a good week or so, even though I had an incredible time and I totally owe people some pictures.

My two days of social interaction )

Tonight it's The Academy Is . . . Beckett-face! I shall try to be more composed at this thing than the last time I met him. He makes me stupid giddy.

Also on the plus side, I had a really hot girl ask me to move in with her. Sure, she just needs a roommate, and I mentioned being disappointed that I won't be getting a place with Will, but still. Heh. No, I told Alana I had been looking forward to moving out of my place (I love my roomies and all, and the rent is stupid cheap, but 3 girls in one small house is too much) and that I was bummed now that I clearly couldn't. And she said Tara was moving out from her house in two weeks, and did I want?

Um. YEAH! It's twice what I pay now, but that includes everything---power, gas, phone, net, cable---so it's basically only be 150 more or so. Plus I'd get half the garage for my car, which I love, and honestly? I think I'd be a bit more comfortable using the rest of her house for things, like Tivo-ing and cooking. Ok, not cooking so much as microwaving, but I'd like to think that might change given the opportunity. I mean, I could actually BUY groceries and be able to keep them somewhere! Also, with a dishwasher, I'm more likely to be willing to dirty up some dishes.

My only concern (other than the fact that I'd be living with a super hot straight girl) is Fat Kitty. I'd still have to block her in because of her bad habit with couches and because Alana has a yapper dog. But the setup of the house wouldn't allow me to just block the hallway like I do here, letting her roam from my room to the bathroom. She'd pretty much be contained to my room, and that would probably suck for her. On the other hand, she'd have a better window, which is supposed to be important. Currently, she never gets to look out mine, as the blinds are actually blankets that I can't be bothered to move.

I think I'll probably end up doing it. We'll see. She told me she can hold off till Dec if I need time to arrange and all. Which I would.

Saturday is Bite of Las Vegas! Wish my boys luck!


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