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So, uh. Hi. It's been a while since I've done a post. I'm such a Flist stalker by nature. I never do my own. But I'm bored.

I wasted money today. Money I should have saved for London. But it wasn't really a waste because four months ago I put new prescription lenses in my old glasses frames from years ago, totally forgetting that though the frames are super light and comfy on my face, they hurt the crap out of my ears. I've been getting headaches at work, and I think part of it is that.

Also, I wanted some thick-framed nerd glasses. So I bought them. I'll pick them up tomorrow and . . . not take a picture because Will borrowed my camera. Sorry. Maybe eventually though. (Yes, babe, I said it.)

I've been a bit blue this past week. Nothing major, not even real depression (which is usually when I post. You guys must be so sick of it. XP). I miss my friend on the stupid, wrong side of the country. I've been craving snuggles and cuddles that don't come with massive amounts of kitty fur. I'm sort of starved for any human contact right now. Pathetic, but true. My usual hugger and curl-up-on-the-bed-for-DVDs-with person has had a visitor I don't care for for over a month. And I don't rely on him for cuddles all that much anyway. Edie was supposed to call me tonight and she's always good for a hug or two (as is Nik) but I think she forgot, got busy, or fell asleep. And I shouldn't lean on her right now anyway.

I shouldn't be complaining at all, actually. So many friends of mine are sick or losing family members or have family members who are sick, or other issues that are just total bummers and I'm sitting here complaining because I'm lonely. (And please don't any of you think for one second that I'm saying you can't talk to me about any of that, because you totally can.) So I suck it up and grin. *grins* See? :)

London in a month! Whoo! I have no idea how I'm going to pack everything I need to pack. A range of clothes for all weather possibilities. Some fun clothes and some practical clothes and all the things I want to show Liss, like drawings and Oh! The stuffed Pirates dog I bought in Disneyland. And I just KNOW I'll have more stuff coming back. Unless I spend more money on glasses. :)

And I know I said it before, and the few who care already read, but in case anyone actually is interested in reading ficlets they might not totally get [livejournal.com profile] cda_cdj is up and running.
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