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THAT is how a Meet and Greet is supposed to go.

Hear that Hard Rock Cafe? House of Blues schools you guys in the way of Meet and Greets. I was actually able to get accurate meet-up time info from HoB over the phone at 2:30, for a start. Also, we actually got to spend time with them. Novel concept, I know. There were pictures and everything. And every Meet and Greeter got to go into the venue FIRST, since it was impossible for us to actually be in line and all.

Jack the Camera Guy still rocks. I was luckily able to find my three Verbatym minions (groupies of the band/friends of mine/lackeys that I often put to work) in the line, otherwise I would have been the Creepy Older Fan who was There Alone. Unfortunately, Mary, the youngest (barely 16) was not a Fan Club member, and therefore was not allowed into to M&G. Also, because she is so young, HoB wants someone to act as her guardian. Her friend Nyedi was set, but I claimed her, then cozied up to Jack and asked really pretty-like if she could come in to the M&G, since I was supposed to be responsible for her and everything. He said she looked sane enough and totally cleared her with security. :) Made her day.

So we had the M&G, but I was too busy laughing at Nyedi and Mary and how excited they were to remember to be goofy over Beckett myself. I also sort of forgot to say anything at all, other than, "Would you mind?" and handing him a CD and getting pics. Heh. Whatever. I'll see him next month and probably drool or something.

The show was so fucking awesome. Mostly old stuff. I think there were like, 3 songs off the new album, though I was disappointed that they didn't do "Beware! Cougar!" or "His Girl Friday." But they totally made up for it by playing "Classifieds," "Down and Out" (which I haven't heard live since my first or second show with them) and also "Pour Yourself a Drink!" God, one of my faves, despite the shitty recorded version.

We were against the barricade, just right of center, and God, was it a great spot, and oh, shit, he's still amazingly hot. And charismatic. *fans self*

We the Kings also put on an amazing show. Just awesome fun. Carolina Liar was very good, though less charismatic on stage, I think. But totally awesome at the merch counter after. :) I promised Rickard (nicknamed: Headband) to buy them all a round while in CT. So, yeah, Ginger? We're going out after the show. Tell Matt we won't be around for Projekt Audio. Probably.

I have to work tomorrow, so that I have Saturday off for the Bite. :)
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