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Love me that Halloween!

Even though my new employers do not allow costumes, I was able to watch the scenery go by today. I had a gaggle of Waldos, of Where's Waldo fame, and several doctors, an extremely realistic Two-Face, with half his face melting off. It was wonderfully disgusting.

But my two favourites of the night? Super Grover! And Clark Kent! I know I shouldn't be this stupidly excited over Clark, but I just am. First of all, I've had a soft spot for Clark (not Superman) ever since Lois & Clark was on the air. Second, the guy was pretty hot, and he had his suit unbuttoned enough to reveal the S underneath. He had his glasses on and his hair was just a bit shiny and dorky. It was an awesome costume and I may have been way to excited to see him.

And dude! Super Grover! Does Sesame Street still run him now that it's pretty much the Elmo Show? But it was an awesome costume. I loved Grover.

Also, my boys have their new MySpace layout up. Not all the links are fully functional, like to Merch and iTunes and stuff, but they will be soon. They even did a cute little intro video for the MySpace that had me laughing like a loon. Not because it was funny, but because it's my boys! Trying to look all professional and stuff. So cute.

Anyway, go check 'em out.

Oh! And I guess since it's up on the MySpace page, I can now offically announce that they have management! B.R.A.T Management, which is a newish company, but Robert Knight has been in the music industry forever, and has some serious contacts up his sleeve.

We're on our way!


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