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I was fine earlier. I was good. I had Cobra Starship and The Academy Is . . . goodness. I got to hear Ryan's paparazzi song and Toby's prostitution song. And of course, I got to see the embodiment of Terry up close and personal. I got to hear two new songs from TAI. I got to hold Beckett's hand for a few seconds.

And suddenly I'm not so good anymore.

Ok, maybe not so suddenly. I don't really know.

I wish there was something I could do. But I can't. Not even listen. All I can do is blather on about model trains and purple crayons and jagulars. Maybe that's all that's needed from me. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. But I will continue to do it, because it's all I can do, and I want to help. And because I hope it does help.

And seriously, that's not even why I've suddenly crashed. Not totally. Most of it's just me being moody. Again. And there's an emotional story I'm reading and I'm finding a lot of new, slightly depressing, meanings to songs I already knew.

So. Who wants to slap me now? Go on. It might just do me some good.
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Thanks and hugs to [livejournal.com profile] salemdipity for the card, the call, and the Ladyship. Hee hee. I get to be a real Lady pretty soon! Can't wait till August, hon!

Thanks and smoochies to [livejournal.com profile] drunk_grantaire for all the voicemails, the card, the e-mail, and the phone time. How come you live on the wrong side of the country? Will you come here if I swear we have Pizza Huts?

My friend Gigi brought a cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top, and a big balloon to work today. It was nice that someone here in Vegas did something to celebrate. Will totally bombed out there, and he shall receive flack forever and ever.

Other than that, and talking briefly to my parents, nothing special to commemorate the big Three-Oh. Which is fine, since I still feel more like a two-six or so.


Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] dramaquinn! I only remember because it's the day after mine, but I hope you go out and whoop it up, my darling Neville. Have a drink for me!
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I called in sick today. I didn't want to, but I got less than 3 hours of sleep last night before meeting Edie at the church at 9am for Dave's Memorial Service. He was cremated weeks ago, but today was the public celebration of his life. I helped arrange and set stuff up, and cried a lot and had a massive headache by the time we got things squared away at her house after.

The service. )

On happier notes: San Diego, concerts, and Ginger. )

So, speaking of characters and Stupid and all, I've finally decided to do a writing journal. It's [livejournal.com profile] cda_cdj, and it's only got one thing up there, but check it or friend it if you want. If not, no worries. Most of it is/will be book related and all. We'll see.

And that's my past week. How've you been?
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Today was a good day.

Plans have been made and I'm getting a visitor.

I watched PS I Love You, which I've been wanting to see since before it was in the theaters. The book so sucked, but I knew the movie would be way better and it was. And I got a lovely surprise about seven minutes in. I barely even realised it, because I'm so used to hearing the song, that it took me a minute. But "Everything We Had" by The Academy Is. . . was in the movie! I got way too excited over that. And that it's on the soundtrack.

Other than that . . . Work was work, and even though I killed almost everyone who played with me, the night went by quickly and I had a lot of nice people on my game.

The Utah show was good, and the boys put on a great performance. The band that played after Verbatym took a break in the set to tell people about Dave's passing and that the entire show was dedicated to him. And then he said that their (Jovan and Nik's) mom was in the crowd, and how great she is and such a wonderful person, and everyone cheered for her and she cried. But it was a good, sweet/sad sort of cry.

And now I go to bed, because I've been operating on four hours of sleep the past few days. Go me.

I can't wait for June 10th!
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I was going to do this semi-emo post about the things I should be or do to be a better person and friend.

But I just heard that Dave, Jovan and Nik's (the boys of the band) dad, had a heart attack and passed away yesterday. God, I can't even imagine how they're all feeling right now.

He was a real son of a bitch, but a nice guy underneath. Or maybe he was a nice guy but really a son of a bitch, and I only got to see that since I practically lived at their house on some days. Either way, he had a big heart, and he will be missed.

God, what's Edie going to do now?
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So. I get to pick up my car tonight. I can't get it until just before work, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to tell you all about it.

I can tell you that I did not get the Kia Rio5. Apparently there was an issue with options they offer actually existing. ABS is not a big seller for Kia, especially in the smallest car they sell. So they couldn't find what I wanted in the colour I wanted. Literally there were no orange Rio5s with ABS in the country. No where.

So I got the Kia Spectra5. It's a slightly bigger, little less cute hatchback. But safer and infinitely nicer on the inside. It's also worth more, though I paid about the same price as the Rio. The screwup worked in my favour.

And yes, it's still orange. :)
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So I went and cleaned out my car from the tow yard. It was in even worse shape than I realised. Widshield was cracked, one headight was completely off, and the front was smooshed in and down.

RIP Cavalier.

But I also test drove two cars today: The Ford Focus and the Kia Rio5.

The Focus I chose because of the supposed mpg and the Sync system. It handled well, but I wasn't impressed with the interior. Especially as I HAVE to get leather seats if I want ABS. Now to me, ABS is a safety issue, and shouldn't require a 2000 dollar cow-killing "luxary" upgrade. Also, leather seats in Vegas? Do you WANT to burn your legs in the summer? The back seat wasn't roomy at all, and the trunk was small but high. The Sync is cool, and it had a good stereo, but . . . Over 19000 dollars, and that's with a discount my brother-in-law gets for working for FedEx.

The Kia Rio5 was a pleasant surprise. It handled very well, was nicely roomy, and the interior didn't look incredibly cheap, which so many cars do these days. The air was on full blast and it accelerated very well to get on the freeway. Plus, it's a hatchback that has a little trunk like cover you can take on and off. So if you have something to hide in your trunk, you can. When you look in, it looks like a regular sedan shelf.

Plus it come in ORANGE! Big selling point for me, as I'm sure you're all aware.

The price isn't too bad either. 16500 for the better model.

I'm sold.

I mean, it's orange.
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So this morning I called my insurance company because last week I hit a parked car. Not hard, but apparfently in just the right spot to require a whole new bumber. 900 dollars worth of bumber. On her car, not mine. The insurance company was very nice and helpful, and with the coverage I have, I don't pay a penny out of pocket, not even my deductible.

Isn't that grand?

Now here's where life kicks you in the teeth. I left Edie's house (with all the band merch in my car) at 1:30 tonight, ready to sleep and get concert-ready in the morning. When look out, there was an accident in the fast lane that I couldn't stop in time to avoid.

Yep, I hit the car that hit the other car. They had already collided minutes before I got there, and the drivers were on the shoulder, safe and sound, so I didn't hit anyone. But I have a monster headache, airbag burns, and no car. And the shakes. It was scary.

My life, ladies and gentlemen.
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So now that my good deed is done (or almost done: Money will be wired tomorrow) I'm back to blah. Not that I ever left. Not really. Certain people lifted my spirits as long as they were around to "talk" but once they/I/we logged off, I always crashed again.

At work, we have a pedestrian bridge that goes from the second floor of our parking garage over to a less busy area so that we can safely cross the street. From there, we can see the southeast corner of the Venetian parking garage (for the guests). Today, as I crossed the bridge, guys were cleaning up a bunch of plastic sheeting from the street right at the base of the V's garage. Employees who were going the other way were talking amongst themselves that that's where some lady had jumped earlier this afternoon.

Reactions at work ranged from sympathy to horror to morbid curiosity to who cares.

My reaction?

Well, my very first thought was: I hope she's happier now than she was here. Or at least more at peace.

And then I wondered: Did she change her mind on the way down? It takes, what? 3 seconds? 4? 10? I have no idea. But it would suck if you found yourself thinking, Oh shit, maybe I didn't really want to after all. Too late now.

That would really suck.

I feel bad for her family and friends. I do. But I still hope she's ok now. For some, it really is just an end to the turmoil.
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So I passed my probation at work, and two days ago they gave me my evaluation for it . . .

I received one of the highest scores for the new hires. That's nice to know.

I am the epitome of the opposite of that old saying. "Unlucky in cards, lucky in love." Dammit.

In other news, I received approval for my time off in August, and I will be traveling to the UK for a week. *g*

My mattress arrives tomorrow, and I will probably take a nap on it right away. I was in the store today to give the final payment, and practically fell asleep on the model. It's lovely.
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[livejournal.com profile] alissomora is the bestest friend a girl could have, and I love her to pieces.

But not like that. She knows why. :)
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Well, I did it! Tonight was officially the last night of probation! I am now an official employee of the Palazzo Resort and Casino. *throws confetti*

Now that I have a bit more job security, I'll have to fond something new to stress over. What could that be . . .

Oh! I know! How about the date I have tomorrow night that I don't really want to go on? He's a sweetheart, I've known him for years and I love him to death, but not like that. We've been flirting for four years now, and had he asked me out two years ago, I would have jumped on him it. But I know him better now, and myself. Bottom line: I could never be with someone who once told me I wasn't really bi, just lonely. I tried to put it down to Eastern European conservative thinking, but he's been here in this country (and Vegas, no less!) for over five years now. Time to shed those thoughts, buddy.

Also, I know he attaches easily, and I don't want him to attach to me when I know it won't work. Not only because of the above, but because I'm still struggling with my . . . attachment to someone else. Which I know is pathetic, but there it is. I can't help it. And I have tried. I swear. It just never works.

In happier news: I am finally planning a trip to London! Yes, that's right people. The biggest anglophile you all know and love is finally going to get off her bum and go! The money I'm making, while not quite what I had hoped for, is finally allowing me to set some aside each month, and I'm shooting for the end of August, when I'll have a week's worth of vacation time saved up. I'll get to stay with Liss, ride the tube, meet Londoners, go to pubs, and have tea!

Which brings me to other happy news and another reason to stress. Liss talked me into submitting the slightly-over-half a manuscript I have to agents. I'm cleaning up chapter one now, getting it ready, and I have to write a synopsis (think jacket cover explanation of the book) and a cover letter. Wish me luck!

Which leads me to a question for all you writers out there. My novel is in the first person past. I was, I had, I said. But in the part where my hero is describing himself (and his soon-to-be boyfriend) how do I do it? If I put "I am" or "He is" it seems very out of place, but if I say "I was" or "He was" it implies one of the following: a)Terry is no longer skinny (he is) b)Terry and Ben are no longer together (they are) or c) one of them is dead (still alive and kicking). How do I solve this? What is the correct way of doing this?

This concludes our rare update. :)
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If you want me to ask you 5 questions, comment and I will do so. When you post your answers, please comment back with a link so I can be sure not to miss them.

1. What has been your favorite con experience? Are you planning to go to any in 2008?

Salem, definitely! I did enjoy having everyone come to me for the Vegas con, but Salem was just freaking awesome. And I got the crap scared (squeed?) out of me by a bunch of awesome ladies. I want to go to Dallas, but I doubt I'll be able to, what with the new job.

2. Favorite kind of dessert?

Um . . . I don't know? Ice cream stuff for everyday. The Melting Pot's desserts kick ass.

3. What do you like best about working in a restaurant?

. . . I don't work in a restaurant. But the free food would probably rock, lol. The best part of working in a casino is the vacation schedule and (if you're lucky) the tips.

4. And what's the worst part about working in a restaurant?

Again, just a guess, but bugs? Ew. Drunken people suck for the casino. That and taking people's money and having them turn into jackasses for it.

5. If I was going to read one Ron/Hermione fic, and one only, which one would you recommend?

God . . . It's horrid, really, but Requiem by Jaswanson. So achingly beautiful.

6. (this is a bonus question) -- I see that you list Playing by Heart as an interest. Is that not the best movie ever?!? <3!!

Yes! Along with Sliding Doors (also produced by Nigel Sinclair. I swear if that man's name is attached to a chick flick, I'll watch it.)
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We are not making the money we ought to be at the new job. It's actually doing worse than NYNY right now. Because no one bothered to tell us that this was the "soft" opening, and basically no one knows we exist. The Grand Opening is the 17th, and pray for me, people, that the tips shoot up. I know it may take a year to really get to where they should be, but I can't live on what they are now. And even though I have faith that they will climb, I am stressed.

I wrote 16 pages in like, 4 or 5 days. Wheeeee!

I'm a bit stuck now though. :(

Rayna, a friend from NYNY is at Palazzo with me now, though I thought she was gonna be working the Venetian. I was pleased to find I was wrong. Only to learn that she is mad at me and apparently no longer speaks to me. When I asked her, she said I had been competitive lately. WTF? My only thought is that I may have tried too hard to make conversation, cause all through training it felt like she was ignoring me. So I think she wanted to cut me anyway and this is her excuse. I apologised to her a week ago, telling her I certainly never meant to sound competitive, but she was ungracious about it and she won't even say hi to me now. I can only shrug and realise there's not much more I can do, but it still hurts. This is the girl that took me in when I left Gabriel and had no where to go . . .

I bought a new lipstick shade, just for the name. It's bronzier than I'd normally wear and less pink, but not bad. And I get a kick every time I think of the name.

I bought art from Marta! Exciting!

I've never seen more oddly shaped and/or large noses as I do amongst the swing shift dealers I now work with. Seriously.

I think that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.
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My friends all suck.

This is what I have decided. Not my on-lne friends. And not Will and Paula here in town. But the rest of my so-called friends and soon-to-be former coworkers suck.

I invited ten people or so to my own "I'm Quitting" party last night, seven of whom did not have to work, and all of whom said they'd be there. Those that had to work are excused from this part of the diatribe, because it was a busy night, and even those that signed the list didn't get out until after three (though we were still in the casino, as I made certain to tell them all, and only one stopped in for two minutes).

Anyway, all 7 bailed. And when I sent texts to each asking if they were still coming, I got a reply from only one person, who said he couldn't make it and he was sorry. The other six sent no replies.

So, with the absence of the non-workers, I waited for Will and Paula (and others, but they were the two main ones) to get out. Because of the business in the casino, only Will was able to get out at 9. (Sidebar: And I had to talk him into signing early--he and Paula both--because they thought they could sign later and maybe work till midnight. I had to convince them that there was no way they'd get out on a Friday night if they didn't sign right away. And I was right. Paula signed as number three and was only able to join us at three o'clock.) So it was Will and me in the Nine Fine Irishmen (the best pub in the world) till it closed at 2:45.

Um, now, I'm not saying it wasn't fun, but he and I have done that a jillion times. In no way was last night different or special from any other time.

Paula met us in a different bar after the pub closed, and Chris stopped in for a few minutes to get my number and say goodbye. And that was it. The other coworkers I informed of the event never showed.

Nice to know I'm loved. Thank Merlin tonight is my last night working with those fuckers.

Venetian/Palazzo, here I come!
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I have not been around much the past few days. I will not be around much for the next few days. Not till Friday. There are good reasons and bad.

The bad:

I have been running around like a loon trying to get my car taken care of. Brakes and Steering. Fortunately, the brakes are done. The steering fluid flush is not, but I was assured it could wait a month or so. The brakes, unfortunately, took time up out of three days and cost double what they were supposed to. So, once again, I have no money.

The good:

I will have money. I was asked again (rather last minute, mind) to work the Gaming Convention next week. Same terms as last time. That means 200 bucks a day for three days. It also means double shifts and little sleep on Tue, Wed, and Thu. Well, no double shift on Thu, as I never work at NYNY on Thus.

The bad:

Between brakes and regular bills, that 600 dollars is already mostly gone. Why is it life knows just when to hurl the unexpected at you?

The good:

I filled in all my paperwork at The Venetian! Unless my drug test goes really wonky, I'm an official employee! Got my picture taken for an ID badge, filled in W2s, signed privacy agreements, and the lot. Getting a uniform fitting on Nov 21, and my Orientation is Dec 12, with the new Palazzo Tower set to open on the 20th. So starting late Dec, I'll be making serious money, and should something break on my car, I can say "Oh, 400 dollars? Sure, no problem." (So why, oh WHY did my brakes give out now and not two months from now? Fuckers.)

Can you believe there is someone at The Venetian called "Teammember Concierge." I'm not entirely certain what he/she does (though I know there's always one available 24/7) but it sounds really cool! The only thing it says in my little FAQ sheet is that the Concierge is there to save Teammembers' time. A co-worker says he heard that The Venetian had someone who would take in your dry cleaning and get your oil changed and the like, but I doubt it's as cool as that. Can't wait to find out though!

So anyway, if I missed anything big in the last few days, please tell me now. Not that I'll ahve time to do anything about it till next weekend . . .
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Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.

I'm telling you, I didn't even cheat! I'm not even sure I could have.
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I would like to state, here and now, for all the world to see (or at least the Flist) that [livejournal.com profile] alissomora is the absolute best. Sweetest too. She has, for some time now, been telling me that a package was on its way to me. I have been eagerly waiting, with much anticipation.

Yesterday, it arrived. In it was just about the best collection of gifts I've ever received.

1. A plush (and very soft and cuddly) ladybug
2. A children's bedtime book entitled Snug as a Bug
3. Jaffa Cakes (which aren't actually very yummy, but never mind. Eating them wasn't the point.)
4. Tim Tams (which are yummy, which is good, because those were solely for eating and had no other meaning)
5. A pocket guide to London and several maps of the tube.
6. Mickey Mouse socks (which I am still wearing)

This will only be as amusing to a few of you as it is to me, but let me tell you, it absolutely made my day. My week.

And I took the plush Bug to work. I really did. Kept it in my locker where it made me smile every break.

Must go write now.

Happy Hallowe'en, my friends!
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I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Venetian Casino wants ME, baby! Pending a drug test. I dunno. Do you all think I'll pass that? Lol.

The base pay is probably about the same. If anything, it might be maybe 50 cents higher per hour. But the TIPS! That's where the money is, my friends. OMG. I'm gonna be doing sooo much better money-wise.

I won't start there until mid to late December, as that's when their new tower opens, but still. I can't wait! This is going to be good.

And I swear I'll get around to Ginger's visit someday. It was good. We met TAI. More on that some other day.

*does happy dance*
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For the three of you that read this: I will post a Ginger-filled weekend update soon, complete with name-dropping and celebrity sightings and photos. But I don't have time just now, as I have to go fix my car. At least it made it through her visit in one piece. It only died when I got off work at three in the morning. *headdesk*
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