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*falls down dead*

I seriously have the worst freaking headache in the world. I can't call in sick to work though, because I need the hours, and I can't get more points because I need them to take a sneaky vacation next month. Also, I need to arrange time off for some other things, like the TAI concert, and I'm more likely to get approval for that if I actually show up to work in the week before.

But! Oh, my God, you guys! Verbatym was absolutely amazing last night! It was just a three-song set, because there were 8 bands competing for a spot at the Bite of Las Vegas Festival on the 18th. Of course they got in, but I was a nervous wreck the entire time. I always am. They're composed and cool, and I get nervous knots and can't settle. Jovan, the sweetheart, gets nervous post show. He always asks everyone how it was, how did it sound, was it good? He's such a darling.

Anyway. They played last, and the competition was fierce. There were a lot of really good bands there. Love It or Leave It played (we've done many many shows with them) and they were awesome, a sure-thing, but they got themselves disqualified for dropping the f-word. It was put on as a family-friendly, all-ages event by the hottest local radio station, so that was a big no-no. The band that won was called The Kristina and Tuna Band (don't ask) who have only been together 3 months or so. They're acoustic and have already garnered quite the following apparently, and they won by sheer volume of tickets sold. By placing first, they get, I think, they get the prime time slot at the Bite, and they get airplay for one song.

Now, I don't begrudge them the win. They are talented, but they also got extremely lucky. Their songs aren't radio-ready. I doubt they even have a professionally done demo yet. I don't know what they're going to give to the station to play. That being said, Kristina knew how lucky they were, and she broke down crying on stage when they were announced as the winners. It was very humble and very touching, and the boys from Hitting on Hannah (who came in 4th and will also be plying at the Bite) led the charge, going onto the stage to congratulate and hug the winners. Verbatym followed, and then the guys from Modern Science (who were 3rd) and a few others.

Now that you know the results (Verbatym came in second, if I didn't make that clear) let me tell you about the actualy performance and how I spent my time there. (As if you care. Too bad. Writing it anyway.)

Edie became one of my new favourite people by hiring two shopgirls from Nordstrom's to come and work the Merch. All I had to do ("all," heh) was the inventory the night before, cart it all, set it up, train them, break it down, and cart it home. I will do post-show inventory sometime later this week. So I got to watch the show from backstage! Backstage at the House of Blues! And let me tell you, the stage looks much smaller from the sides than it does from the audience.

So I spent time with the boys and some other bands, and watched most of the performances, working myself into nervous knots as the boys coolly had their pics taken by a pro photographer who works in LA or something. I dunno. But the pics are up on Wire Image if any if you want to see. http://www.wireimage.com/ItemListings.aspx?igi=336888&nbc1=1

As I watched, I made nice with the stage manager, who goes by T, and then the DJ from Mix 94.1 who was hosting, Jason Rooney. I schmoozed him! Lol, no. I made some crack about him yawning already, and he said he had a two-year-old at home, and I asked her name and he whipped out her picture, and I showed him my iPod pic of my nieces and nephew and we became fast friends. He asked who I was with, and I told him I was "support staff" for Verbatym, and talked them up a little. I also told him that I was the one who got nervous while they always appeared to be cool as cucumbers. He laughed, but then he had to go introduce a band.

He came back though, and we talked a little more, not about anything in particular. But when Verbatym was playing, T came to me first to tell me they were the best of the night. Very professional, that he'd seen a lot of crap "pro" bands come through, but my guys were actually good. Then, after he'd left, but the boys were still playing, Jason came to tell me the same thing. He said especially from the station's standpoint, because Verbatym's songs were radio ready, more so than any other. He said they had good music, good hooks, just good writing all together. They had the look, the polish; they were ready.

I, of course, immediately took the chance to tell him that they were also very professional. Jovan doesn't party, really, doesn't drink or do drugs. None of them do anything more than a little pot maybe (*cough*Russ*cough*) and drink. (I didn't tell him THAT part though.) I told him they were extremely focused, that they were determined to get signed, to get big. He said he wouldn't be surprised if they did, and that they should win the contest.

They didn't, obviously, so when it was all over, I asked him if there was any way they could get airtime anyway. He said you have to be on a label to get airplay on Mix, though there is the "New Artist" show once a week, which is still mostly signed bands, but there's a tiny bit of wiggle room there. I asked if he had any sway over that, and he said no, he doesn't run that show, and I said, no, but he does know the guy that does. He laughed and said no, but to e-mail his boss in the next week or so, and offer the song up. I asked if he would mind if I dropped his name, telling his boss how impressed he was with Verbatym. He said, "I wouldn't mind at all. Because I am. Very impressed." *throws confetti*

Also! Their new song? Love it. Love it love it love it love it. Love it! It's not even finished being mixed properly and is being held back from MySpace for that reason as well as a few others. But this is the one, you guys. This is the song that will push them to the next level. It's the one that really grabbed people's attention last night.

But, you know what? All this stuff I just typed? Still not the "band developments" I mentioned the other day. :)
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