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Aw, thanks, Liss, for my snow! It's the closest thing I'll see to the real stuff, I'm sure.

Love you oodles!
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Hi, all!

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who left message around the time of surgery. My arm is now Frankenarm on the outside, with a lovely scar. On the inside, when you see the X-ray it looks like a part underneath the kitchen sink. According to Ginger, anyway.

I prefer to say I'm more machine now than man, twisted and evil. :)

Anyway, if you don't follow along on Twitter, than I suppose I should tell you I have therapy 3 times a week. Otherwise known as torture. It does help there and then, but I can't help but feel like the exercises at home aren't nearly as effective, and progress has been slow lately. I already have one splint worth 200 dollars that's like massive Robo-arm, and now I'm getting two more waaaayyyy expensive ones with hydraulics and stuff. They'll apparently help my at-home progress.

As of next week, I'm probably fired. I've been out too long. I'm also still waiting for my long-term disability insurance to send me a freaking check. I've been eligible for that since the day of surgery, and only just now have they contacted me at all. Two weeks to a month still for approval.

And how the fuck do they think I've been living at all in the meantime? Seriously.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. Never would have made it without you.

If--and this is a pretty big if--I am cleared to deal again in the first week of Jan, my job can choose to hire me back with no loss of benefits or seniority. Which would be wonderful, but, again, they have to want me back. I know they love me as an employee with awesome reviews, but In This Economy, blah blah blah.

So that is my current state of affairs with the arm. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts through this thing. Here's hoping I get to keep the rest of my joints!

And here's hoping I see some money soon.

Now, I shall try to go back to sleep. My schedule's all sorts of off. Has been since surgery, but even more so since the tiny Verbatym tour. Hopefully the drugs I just took will help. :) Yay for pharmaceuticals.
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Finally home. Arm hurts a little but not unbearably so. Can't wait to cuddle with Fat Kitty.

Thank you to everyone who sent hsppy thoughts snd hugs and all.
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There is internet on my hospital room tv! This makes for a happy sprouts.

Surgery was a success. Apparently mt bonr did crackopen a little, as brittle as it was from the arthritis. That's not such a good thing, as it is the bone they set the joint into. It is now being held together with the medical equivalent of a cable tie. Lol. But the doc seemed u nconcerned, so I'm choosing to be amused.

Not much else to tell. I think the meds are beginning to fade. I won't be nearly as jolly when they do.
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Hi guys. I haven't used this in forever. I've lurked and spied, but haven't commented or posted recently.

But tomorrow I'm having some pretty big surgery and all, so I thought I'd come and record it for posterity.

Elbow )
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I haven't been around for a while. Not even lurking to read my Flist. If I missed anything important, please let me know.

I have come to several conclusions about some friends of mine (a very specific group of friends; no one on here) and don't like what I see. Even though I've seen it for months and have been too scared/nice/naive to admit it.

Just letting everyone know I'm alive, I guess. I'm guessing there are only a few who wondered.

Was that melancholy and self-pitying? Sorry. Am drunk. Love my new house and roommate. Am mad at W and V. Life will go on.
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As much as I hate having to pack up and clean the room I've been living in for three years (I don't want to even think about what's under the bed), I'm so fucking glad I'm leaving this place on Thursday. The dog has not stopped barking for two hours and for the past week or so the wireless router has been unreliable at best.

If anybody out there has my old address and needs my new one, comment here!
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Love me that Halloween!

Even though my new employers do not allow costumes, I was able to watch the scenery go by today. I had a gaggle of Waldos, of Where's Waldo fame, and several doctors, an extremely realistic Two-Face, with half his face melting off. It was wonderfully disgusting.

But my two favourites of the night? Super Grover! And Clark Kent! I know I shouldn't be this stupidly excited over Clark, but I just am. First of all, I've had a soft spot for Clark (not Superman) ever since Lois & Clark was on the air. Second, the guy was pretty hot, and he had his suit unbuttoned enough to reveal the S underneath. He had his glasses on and his hair was just a bit shiny and dorky. It was an awesome costume and I may have been way to excited to see him.

And dude! Super Grover! Does Sesame Street still run him now that it's pretty much the Elmo Show? But it was an awesome costume. I loved Grover.

Also, my boys have their new MySpace layout up. Not all the links are fully functional, like to Merch and iTunes and stuff, but they will be soon. They even did a cute little intro video for the MySpace that had me laughing like a loon. Not because it was funny, but because it's my boys! Trying to look all professional and stuff. So cute.

Anyway, go check 'em out.

Oh! And I guess since it's up on the MySpace page, I can now offically announce that they have management! B.R.A.T Management, which is a newish company, but Robert Knight has been in the music industry forever, and has some serious contacts up his sleeve.

We're on our way!
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THAT is how a Meet and Greet is supposed to go.

We the Kings and The Academy Is . . . )
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This is what happens to me when I have two days of socializing, no matter how awesome it is: I turtle up, as my one friend calls it. I don't really talk to anyone about anything for a good week or so, even though I had an incredible time and I totally owe people some pictures.

My two days of social interaction )

Tonight it's The Academy Is . . . Beckett-face! I shall try to be more composed at this thing than the last time I met him. He makes me stupid giddy.

Also on the plus side, I had a really hot girl ask me to move in with her. Sure, she just needs a roommate, and I mentioned being disappointed that I won't be getting a place with Will, but still. Heh. No, I told Alana I had been looking forward to moving out of my place (I love my roomies and all, and the rent is stupid cheap, but 3 girls in one small house is too much) and that I was bummed now that I clearly couldn't. And she said Tara was moving out from her house in two weeks, and did I want?

Um. YEAH! It's twice what I pay now, but that includes everything---power, gas, phone, net, cable---so it's basically only be 150 more or so. Plus I'd get half the garage for my car, which I love, and honestly? I think I'd be a bit more comfortable using the rest of her house for things, like Tivo-ing and cooking. Ok, not cooking so much as microwaving, but I'd like to think that might change given the opportunity. I mean, I could actually BUY groceries and be able to keep them somewhere! Also, with a dishwasher, I'm more likely to be willing to dirty up some dishes.

My only concern (other than the fact that I'd be living with a super hot straight girl) is Fat Kitty. I'd still have to block her in because of her bad habit with couches and because Alana has a yapper dog. But the setup of the house wouldn't allow me to just block the hallway like I do here, letting her roam from my room to the bathroom. She'd pretty much be contained to my room, and that would probably suck for her. On the other hand, she'd have a better window, which is supposed to be important. Currently, she never gets to look out mine, as the blinds are actually blankets that I can't be bothered to move.

I think I'll probably end up doing it. We'll see. She told me she can hold off till Dec if I need time to arrange and all. Which I would.

Saturday is Bite of Las Vegas! Wish my boys luck!
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*falls down dead*

I seriously have the worst freaking headache in the world. I can't call in sick to work though, because I need the hours, and I can't get more points because I need them to take a sneaky vacation next month. Also, I need to arrange time off for some other things, like the TAI concert, and I'm more likely to get approval for that if I actually show up to work in the week before.

Cut the BS, cut the metaphors, we've got something worth fighting for )

But, you know what? All this stuff I just typed? Still not the "band developments" I mentioned the other day. :)
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*says no more on the subject* (other than it is even better than my lucky win for the ninth of Oct!)
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Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Bold the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

Only one person will get more than a couple. Good luck! )
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Hi from London. )

So there you have it. My first two days of London.

Sleep now.
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Here are my boys! Aren't they cute?

Band pics! )

We're trying to get more myspace friends and music hits. If you guys wouldn't mind, would you please go to myspace.com/verbatym and click one or more if the songs? We need to get the play counts up. If you have a Myspace, how about giving the boys an add? I'd really, really appreciate it.
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Next week is the Amplified band contest, which means no sleep. And things are so messed up right now on the band front that I'm not even excited for it. For the possibilities it can create.

Right after that my parents come into town. My dad won a poker thing on-line, played against 900 people to win a trip to Vegas (staying at my work too!) and a weekend with a top pro poker player, taking seminars and having his skills evaluated. He's so excited, it's the cutest thing ever.

Then the next week is another Verbatym concert. Then on the 20th it's LONDON!

I'm way excited for London, excited to meet Liss in real life, and her sister. I'm a little nervous because my passport isn't here yet, but I've been assured it will be here soon.

. . . ''Last night, I knew what to say. But you weren't there to hear it'' . . . )
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So, uh. Hi. It's been a while since I've done a post. I'm such a Flist stalker by nature. I never do my own. But I'm bored.

I wasted money today. Money I should have saved for London. But it wasn't really a waste because four months ago I put new prescription lenses in my old glasses frames from years ago, totally forgetting that though the frames are super light and comfy on my face, they hurt the crap out of my ears. I've been getting headaches at work, and I think part of it is that.

Also, I wanted some thick-framed nerd glasses. So I bought them. I'll pick them up tomorrow and . . . not take a picture because Will borrowed my camera. Sorry. Maybe eventually though. (Yes, babe, I said it.)

I've been a bit blue this past week. Nothing major, not even real depression (which is usually when I post. You guys must be so sick of it. XP). I miss my friend on the stupid, wrong side of the country. I've been craving snuggles and cuddles that don't come with massive amounts of kitty fur. I'm sort of starved for any human contact right now. Pathetic, but true. My usual hugger and curl-up-on-the-bed-for-DVDs-with person has had a visitor I don't care for for over a month. And I don't rely on him for cuddles all that much anyway. Edie was supposed to call me tonight and she's always good for a hug or two (as is Nik) but I think she forgot, got busy, or fell asleep. And I shouldn't lean on her right now anyway.

I shouldn't be complaining at all, actually. So many friends of mine are sick or losing family members or have family members who are sick, or other issues that are just total bummers and I'm sitting here complaining because I'm lonely. (And please don't any of you think for one second that I'm saying you can't talk to me about any of that, because you totally can.) So I suck it up and grin. *grins* See? :)

London in a month! Whoo! I have no idea how I'm going to pack everything I need to pack. A range of clothes for all weather possibilities. Some fun clothes and some practical clothes and all the things I want to show Liss, like drawings and Oh! The stuffed Pirates dog I bought in Disneyland. And I just KNOW I'll have more stuff coming back. Unless I spend more money on glasses. :)

And I know I said it before, and the few who care already read, but in case anyone actually is interested in reading ficlets they might not totally get [livejournal.com profile] cda_cdj is up and running.

Oh Noes!

Jul. 3rd, 2008 07:20 pm
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OK, this is only funny if you know who I'm talking about. If the name Jesse Bonner rings any bells, go right ahead. If not, skip it.


Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. *shakes head*

In other news, I wrote like a maniac yesterday. A few small things for Embrace. I want to get to the next part in this mini-series, but I suddenly lost Andy's voice. So I'm taking a break to try something else. A little backstory.

In real life news, I met Will's new friend, and she's perfectly nice but quite young and I am still not ok with it. And the jackass owes me big time for yesterday.

My head hurts. Either I need a nap (even though I only woke up 4 hours ago) or I need food.

I've decided I would have made a kick ass rock star.

Edited to add: Look what else I found! Again, if the name Andy Dobos means nothing to you, don't worry about it.

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