Jan. 22nd, 2008

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If you want me to ask you 5 questions, comment and I will do so. When you post your answers, please comment back with a link so I can be sure not to miss them.

1. What has been your favorite con experience? Are you planning to go to any in 2008?

Salem, definitely! I did enjoy having everyone come to me for the Vegas con, but Salem was just freaking awesome. And I got the crap scared (squeed?) out of me by a bunch of awesome ladies. I want to go to Dallas, but I doubt I'll be able to, what with the new job.

2. Favorite kind of dessert?

Um . . . I don't know? Ice cream stuff for everyday. The Melting Pot's desserts kick ass.

3. What do you like best about working in a restaurant?

. . . I don't work in a restaurant. But the free food would probably rock, lol. The best part of working in a casino is the vacation schedule and (if you're lucky) the tips.

4. And what's the worst part about working in a restaurant?

Again, just a guess, but bugs? Ew. Drunken people suck for the casino. That and taking people's money and having them turn into jackasses for it.

5. If I was going to read one Ron/Hermione fic, and one only, which one would you recommend?

God . . . It's horrid, really, but Requiem by Jaswanson. So achingly beautiful.

6. (this is a bonus question) -- I see that you list Playing by Heart as an interest. Is that not the best movie ever?!? <3!!

Yes! Along with Sliding Doors (also produced by Nigel Sinclair. I swear if that man's name is attached to a chick flick, I'll watch it.)


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