Mar. 19th, 2008

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Well, I did it! Tonight was officially the last night of probation! I am now an official employee of the Palazzo Resort and Casino. *throws confetti*

Now that I have a bit more job security, I'll have to fond something new to stress over. What could that be . . .

Oh! I know! How about the date I have tomorrow night that I don't really want to go on? He's a sweetheart, I've known him for years and I love him to death, but not like that. We've been flirting for four years now, and had he asked me out two years ago, I would have jumped on him it. But I know him better now, and myself. Bottom line: I could never be with someone who once told me I wasn't really bi, just lonely. I tried to put it down to Eastern European conservative thinking, but he's been here in this country (and Vegas, no less!) for over five years now. Time to shed those thoughts, buddy.

Also, I know he attaches easily, and I don't want him to attach to me when I know it won't work. Not only because of the above, but because I'm still struggling with my . . . attachment to someone else. Which I know is pathetic, but there it is. I can't help it. And I have tried. I swear. It just never works.

In happier news: I am finally planning a trip to London! Yes, that's right people. The biggest anglophile you all know and love is finally going to get off her bum and go! The money I'm making, while not quite what I had hoped for, is finally allowing me to set some aside each month, and I'm shooting for the end of August, when I'll have a week's worth of vacation time saved up. I'll get to stay with Liss, ride the tube, meet Londoners, go to pubs, and have tea!

Which brings me to other happy news and another reason to stress. Liss talked me into submitting the slightly-over-half a manuscript I have to agents. I'm cleaning up chapter one now, getting it ready, and I have to write a synopsis (think jacket cover explanation of the book) and a cover letter. Wish me luck!

Which leads me to a question for all you writers out there. My novel is in the first person past. I was, I had, I said. But in the part where my hero is describing himself (and his soon-to-be boyfriend) how do I do it? If I put "I am" or "He is" it seems very out of place, but if I say "I was" or "He was" it implies one of the following: a)Terry is no longer skinny (he is) b)Terry and Ben are no longer together (they are) or c) one of them is dead (still alive and kicking). How do I solve this? What is the correct way of doing this?

This concludes our rare update. :)


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